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4th Phase Technologies, Inc. offers densified carbon nanotube (DCN) films that are a very different from CNT films from Huntsman or other vendors. DCN films are polymer-free, pliable and much stronger than typical CNT films in terms of mechanical strength and much more conductive.

We offer DCN films with areal density of ~10 g/m^2, ~6 g/m^2 and ~3 g/m^2.


We approach this technological challenge from a very different direction by developing a proprietary process to purify CNTs in raw pristine CNT sheets without relying on harsh and corrosive chemical treatment. Amorphous carbon and residual catalyst particles in raw pristine CNT sheets are removed to purify and perfect the CNT structure. With a high degree of nanotube structural integrity and purity, the electronic structures and energy levels of CNTs become predictable, controllable and reproducible.  


Through proprietary chemistry and processes, purified CNT sheets can be further densified to yield robust and durable DCN sheet products without relying on a polymer as a binder.  


Without the limitations of polymer binders, ultrathin DCN sheets that have the requisite physical (tensile) strength with no CNT loss can withstand high temperature, are resistant to fouling, corrosion and degradation, and resistant to organic solvent. As a result, they will find applications in many challenging conditions where conventional membranes would fail, e.g., strongly acidic or basic conditions.   


Ultrathin DCN sheets that have the requisite physical (tensile) strength with no CNT loss have also been shown to be highly conducting and superior in shielding electromagnetic interference. Therefore, they hold great promise to find applications in defense, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics markets.   

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